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  • Meet Brandon Ewing

    Brandon always had a passion for music.  He was in band, jazz band, choir, show choir, even in musicals and plays.  Born in a small town, everyone knows him or knows of him.  Every time he went to an event (wedding, dance, you name it), he always wondered what the DJ was doing or how everything was set up.  Senior year is when he got his calling to DJ as his side job.  He has been collecting music ever since he was a little kid.  He ran into the remix company Ultimix on the website looking for music and that’s when he really got into music.  He almost bought a CD every week when he got money from his grandparents.  So, his music collection was getting pretty big.  So back to the senior year story, the disc jockey there had older music to get by for the night, but didn’t have up to date music to make the students happy.  Since he didn’t have a date senior year for prom, he ended up helping the DJ for the rest of the night.  It turned out to be a success.  College years passed and the passion for radio came into play.  He always wanted to visit radio station studios to see how the business ran.  Finally, he created Ewing’s Mobile DJ Service.  Since 2004, the business has been around. 

  • Background

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  • Experience

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