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  • A groom is going to be busy prior to the big day. In between planning the wedding and working on ironing out all of the details so that the day goes off without a hitch, the groom has quite a bit on his plate. Thankfully, to help all of you grooms out there, we have put together a check list of to-do’s so that you don’t forget anything. Timeline estimates can change all the time, but this is an overview of what usually goes on. You can change the time frame of your checklist any time to make things easier for you.

    10 Months Before

    ____Pick out the engagement ring.
    ____Announce your engagement to friends and family.
    ____Discuss wedding plans and budget with fiancee and all parents.
    ____Select your best man, groomsmen, ushers (one usher per 40 guests).

    8 Months Before

    ____Meet with officiant (minister, priest, and rabbi, et al.) to plan the ceremony.
    ____Coordinate your guest list.
    ____Discuss your honeymoon travel plans.

    6 Months Before

    ____Endure the gift registry process with fiancee.
    ____Arrange for transportation to ceremony, and to reception, for the wedding party.
    ____Finalize your honeymoon plans.
    ____Pick your tuxedos and accessories.

    3 Months Before

    ____Complete the guest list.
    ____Choose gifts for your bride. She deserves something special!
    ____Select gifts for your best man, groomsmen, and the father of the bride.
    ____Pick out and order wedding rings.
    ____Get fitted for your tuxedo.
    ____Plan rehearsal dinner with parents.

    1 Month Before

    ____Get your marriage license.
    ____Throw away your belongings and arrange to move her belongings to your new home.

    2 Weeks Before

    ____Attend bachelor party
    ____Adjust insurance policies, bank accounts, utilities, etc.

    The Week Before

    ____Get cash for gratuities and officiant’s fee.
    ____Take a deep breath…your almost there.
    ____Pick up your tux.
    ____Pack for the honeymoon.
    ____Enjoy your rehearsal and dinner.

    The Big Day

    ____Double-check all details, wedding rings, and transportation… marriage license.
    ____Get to the ceremony early.
    ____Relax and enjoy your wedding!

    The Day after The Big Day

    ____Go on your honeymoon and look forward to the rest of your life with your beautiful bride!