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  • The bride is going to be busy prior to the big day. In between planning the wedding and working on ironing out all of the details so that the day goes off without a hitch, the bride has quite a bit on her plate. Thankfully, to help all of you bride’s out there, we have put together a check list of to-do’s so that you don’t forget anything. Timeline estimates can change all the time, but this is an overview of what usually goes on. You can change the time frame of your checklist any time to make things easier for you.
    12 – 18 months
    _____ Purchase Engagement Rings
    _____ Take Engagement Photos
    _____ Send Engagement Announcement to Newspaper
    _____ Send Engagement Announcement by email to friends
    _____ Set Wedding Budget
    _____ Set Wedding Date
    _____ Decide type of Wedding ( Informal or Formal)
    _____ Interview Wedding Consultants
    _____ Determine number of guest to be invited
    _____ Select Ceremony Site
    _____ Select Reception Site
    _____ Choose Caterer
    _____ Choose Photographer
    _____ Choose Videographer

    6 – 12 months
    _____ Final Selection on Wedding Rings
    _____ Open joint bank accounts
    _____ Take dancing lessons for first dance if you wish (start practicing)
    _____ Choose and order Wedding Gown
    _____ Reserve Limousine/ Wedding Transportation
    _____ Choose color theme for wedding
    _____ Choose bridal party
    _____ Select Bridesmaid Dresses
    _____ Plan details of decorations ( Balloons, Flowers)
    _____ Select Florist
    _____ Select Musicians ( Live Band, DJ, Harpist)
    _____ Select Officiant (Pastor, Judge) for wedding ceremony
    _____ Select Hair & Make-up Artist
    _____ Shop for Trousseau & Going away attire
    _____ Select Baker (Wedding Cake)

    4 – 6 months
    _____ Select Bridal Registry items
    _____ Select Music for Wedding Ceremony and Reception
    _____ Reserve rental equipment if needed
    _____ Prepare accommodations for Out of Town Guest
    _____ Plan Bridal Shower Party
    _____ Plan Bridesmaid luncheon
    _____ Purchase Veil and Bridal Accessories – See Bridal Accessories Checklist
    _____ Purchase gifts for Bridal Party – See Gift Ideas
    _____ Make appointment for practice session for Hair & Make-up
    _____ Order Wedding Favors
    _____ Review plans for Wedding Ceremony & Reception
    _____ Have Mothers choose their own dresses
    _____ Make Honeymoon Plans

    2 – 3 months
    _____ Pick-up wedding rings – make sure they fit and are engraved correctly
    _____ If changing your name – Order name change kit
    _____ Update Immunization for out of country travel
    _____ Send out Invitations to Out of Town Guest
    _____ Make out a photographer’s Checklist
    _____ Purchase Gifts for each other
    _____ Apply for Marriage License
    _____ Address & Send out Invitations
    _____ Select & Coordinate Wedding Ceremony Program
    _____ Appoint Guestbook Attendants for Wedding Ceremony & Reception
    _____ Confirm Out of Town Guest accommodations
    _____ Get your Hair Trimmed
    _____ Confirm & Finalize details with Florist
    _____ Confirm Rehearsal Program Officiant
    _____ Confirm Guest count with Caterer/Restaurant
    _____ Final Fitting for Bridesmaids Dresses & Wedding Gown
    _____ Select Tux Styles for Groomsmen & Fathers
    _____ Finalize Wedding Day Schedule (Itinerary)
    _____ Confirm Transportation Schedule
    _____ Reserve restaurant for rehearsal dinner
    _____ Have Bridal Shower
    _____ Have Bachelor Party (Groom)
    _____ Change mailing address if moving
    _____ Have Formal Wedding Portrait taken
    _____ Review Checklist for Wedding Day Ceremony & Reception
    _____ Make reservations for Bridesmaids luncheon
    _____ Complete Trousseau shopping
    _____ Purchase Floater Insurance for wedding gifts (if necessary)
    _____Hire security for wedding reception (if necessary)

    1 Month
    _____ Call guests that have not yet RSVP’d
    _____ Get your teeth cleaned/whiten
    _____ Confirm honeymoon plans & pick-up airline tickets
    _____ Assign Wedding day helpers
    _____ Keep track of gifts received and start on thank you notes
    _____ Arrange for a professional to preserve and heirloom your Gown & Bouquet
    _____ Pick-up Bridesmaids Dresses & Wedding Gown (Already Pressed)
    _____ Start seating arrangement & prepare seating name cards
    _____ Confirm final details with Florist
    _____ Confirm final details with Photographer
    _____ Confirm final details with Officiant
    _____ Confirm final details with Videographer
    _____ Confirm final details with Baker
    _____ Confirm final details with Restaurant/Caterer
    _____ Confirm final details with Coordinator
    _____ Confirm final details for Wedding Transportation
    _____ Confirm final details with Bridal party
    _____ Confirm final details with Wedding Helpers
    _____ Confirm final details with Rental Equipment Company
    _____ Confirm final details with Musicians
    _____ Double Check Attire and Accessories for Bridal Party & Yourself
    _____ Confirm schedule for Hair & Make-up Artist
    _____ Plan and create Wedding Day Itinerary (15 minute interval)
    _____ Get a Facial

    1 Week
    _____ Final Guest count with Caterer/Restaurant
    _____ Arrange for Postal Office to hold or forward your email during your honeymoon
    _____ Relax – take a long leisurely bath
    _____ Re-confirm with Travel Agent or Airlines
    _____ Review all seating arrangement with ushers and helpers
    _____ Pack for Honeymoon Trip
    _____ Arrange for Bridal Party, Parents & Family and Photographer and Videographer to all meet at a designated location (when taking pictures prior to the Wedding ceremony)

    1 – 2 Days
    _____ Get a Manicure & Pedicure
    _____ Get a Massage
    _____ Attend Wedding Rehearsal Dinner
    _____ Pick-up Rental Tux for Groomsmen (Groom or Bestman)
    _____ Prepare Final payment in individual envelopes for each Professional

    Wedding Day
    _____ Nice long bath or shower – Relax
    _____ Go to Hair & Make-up appointment
    _____ Get Dressed
    _____ Have Fun – It’s your Wedding Day!